Club Level Screening Room


Nov 24 2021

Wednesday Movie Night: Bedknobs & Broomsticks (Privé Jr’s)


11:30 AM | 3:00 PM | 5:30 PM | 8:00 PM

London rascals Charlie (Ian Weighill), Paul (Roy Snart), and Carrie (Cindy O’Callaghan) are amongst a flood of kids evacuated to country villages, in their case, Pepperinge Eye, where a lack of host families means they’re assigned “for now” to loner Miss Eglantine Price (Dame Angela Lansbury). They discover she’s an apprentice witch, and promise to keep her secret only if allowed to join the fun. Unwilling to miss out of the last spell, “substituary locomotion”, they track down founding Professor Emelius Browne (David Tomlinson) in London. He’s a crook who never believed his spells would work, but eagerly joins the band in the hunt for the other half of the magic book from which he borrowed. It means flying to the magical animal “Isle of Naboombu”, in search of the powerful star of sorcerer Astoroth. It’s to be put to use in the war effort, just in time as Germans land in the coastal town for a terror surprise mini-invasion.

Genres:  Animation, Fantasy

Release Date: Dec 13, 1971

Movie Trailer

Rating: Rated G

Running Time: 1h 57min