Owners Lounge
Owners Lounge


Jan 23 2023


6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Special Event: Kollabs & ÆRENA Galleries Present “Art Talk.”


Millennium Tower Club invites you and your guests to join us for UN/NATURAL a discussion with KOLLABS – a collaborative project from powerhouse artist duo Anke Schofield and Luis Garcia Nerey, represented by ÆRENA Galleries on Jan 23rd from 6-8 p. Come view their work in person, enjoy a discussion about their unique collaborative career.

Throughout their career, KOLLABS has created a vision of an anthropomorphized world that explores the space between wild and domestic. A stunning juxtaposition of forms places the animal world at odds with our modern experience, inviting viewers to question the ambiguous narratives. KOLLABS believes that nature engages the human consciousness, helping us question our relationship to nature and our place within the larger world.

Using a process of mixed media involving photography, print, paint, wax, and even tar, each work has a life of its own that mirrors the playful contrast of subjects. Many of their works are finished with a veneer of epoxy resin, giving a dream-like quality to the already magical artworks.

Anke Schofield was born in Ithaca, New York, where she first discovered her love for art; she spent a great deal of time in Atlanta and now lives in Denver. Luis Garcia Nerey lives and works in Miami, Florida. KOLLABS spend their time between studios in Denver and Atlanta.

Experience the work of artist duo KOLLABS with a selection of their works on view and a slide show and discussion about their unique abilities and career path