Private Dining Room


Jul 19 2022


6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Happenings Here: Origami with Paper Tree

Come for a cup of tea, sake, and a cultural evening of learning the art of Origami. The Japanese first used paper during the sixth century. It is true that other cultures engaged in various forms of paper folding, but it was the Japanese who first discovered the possibilities associated with using paper as a medium for art. Sisters Vicky Mihara Avery & Linda Mihara are award-winning origami artisans that have been featured in multiple books, shows, and more. The Mihara family was one of the first families to publish Origami books in English in the 1950s, and today their grandchildren and great-grandchildren continue the traditions of teaching and sharing the art of origami around the world. They are delighted to share their skills and knowledge with our Millennium Tower family, for this particular class is excellent for all ages. 

This exclusive complimentary event has a limited number of seats, so RSVP with your Club Concierge ASAP. You won’t want to miss this one!

Due to the limited number of seats for this event, we ask that only those able to commit to attending RSVP so all residents that want to attend may do so.