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Sep 21 2022

Roma (2018) (Classic / Cult)

ROMA (2018)

11:30 AM | 3:00 PM | 8:00 PM

In 1970, Cleodegaria “Cleo” Gutiérrez was an Indigenous live-in maid in an upper-middle class household in the Colonia Roma neighborhood of Mexico City. She and another maid, Adela, speak Mixtec when they are together, but Spanish in the presence of the family: the mother, Sofía; the father, Antonio; grandma Teresa; and their four children. When Antonio, a doctor, remains in Quebec after a conference, the problems in his and Sofia’s marriage become apparent.

When Cleo tells her boyfriend Fermín that she might be pregnant, he abandons her at a cinema. Sofía takes her to the hospital, where they confirm her pregnancy. She then takes Cleo and the children to a family friend’s hacienda for New Year. Recent tensions over land in the area come to light as forest fire erupts. The fire is later extinguished. Back in the city, Cleo and Toño see Antonio and a young woman flirting while exiting a movie theatre. Sofía tries to conceal her husband’s infidelity from the children, but her second son Paco later learns the truth by eavesdropping. Fermín refuses to acknowledge that the baby is his, threatening to beat Cleo and their child if she tries to find him again.

Ribera de San Cosme avenue and Lauro Aguirre street, where the Corpus Christi massacre occurred. The building that was the furniture store and school in the film is now a gym.

With the baby almost due, Teresa takes Cleo shopping for a crib. The store is overrun by a battle between student protestors and the paramilitary group Los Halcones (The Hawks). Fermín, a member of Los Halcones, points a gun at Cleo and Teresa before fleeing. Stressed, Cleo’s water breaks. The ongoing conflict between students and Los Halcones slows traffic and her attempt to get to the hospital. When she does arrive, Dr. Antonio briefly appears to reassure Cleo but makes an excuse to leave. Her baby girl is stillborn.

Sofia takes Cleo and the children on a family holiday to the beaches at Tuxpan. She tells the children that she and their father are separated and that the holiday was so their father could collect his belongings from their home. At the beach, two of the children are almost carried off by a strong current. Cleo wades in to save them, even though she does not know how to swim. As Sofía and the children affirm their love for Cleo for such selfless devotion, she tearfully confesses that she had not wanted her baby to be born. They return home to Roma to find the house reorganized. Cleo prepares a load for washing, and Adela tells her they have much to talk about.

Genres:  Drama

Release date: November 21, 2018

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Resource: Netflix

Rating: R

Runt Time:  2h 15m