Club Level Screening Room


Jan 12 2022

Wednesday Movie Night: The Sparks Brothers (Documentary)


11:30 AM | 3:00 PM | 8:00 PM

Filmmaker Edgar Wright explores how one rock band can be successful, underrated, hugely influential and criminally overlooked — all at the same time. A musical odyssey exploring five weird and wonderful decades with brothers Ron and Russell Mael, celebrating the inspiring legacy of Sparks – your favorite band’s favorite band. Their albums may be cult favorites, but this documentary offers an introduction to The Sparks Brothers that has something for everyone. Features commentary from celebrity fans Flea, Jane Wiedlin, Beck, Jack Antonoff, Jason Schwartzman, Neil Gaiman and more.

Genres:  Docum., Comedy, Music

Release Date: June 18, 2021

Movie Trailer

Souce: Netflix

Rating: R

Running Time: 2h 20m